HAF XB Evo - Top 200mm Fan - Confirmed Fit?

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c0dly    0

Hello, I just purchased the HAF XB Evo and I will probably never need another case. I love this thing. I bought the Thermaltake 200mm fan, but when I went to install it, the mount holes do not line up. I noticed that they don't look exactly square. Can anyone point me to a 200mm fan that is confirmed to fit on these mounts? I saw somewhere that even the CM fan doesn't line up?

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CM Michiel    14

Hi C0dly,


There are some 200mm fans available on our CM store EU what do fit in the HAF XB EVO ;)

Below a link to a standard 200mm Fan black what fits in the HAF XB EVO top.




Certain new 200mm fans (RGB) we released are having different measurements and therefore don't line up with older case models what support 200mm fans.

The 200mm Megaflow fans are also compatible with the HAF XB EVO :) 



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I purchased a Riing plus 20 and it definitely does not fit.  The holes on the case top are not square, and the measurements are 110x180mm.  This will not fit any 200 mm fan I am aware of.  All of your documentation says the top of this case supports a 200mm fan.  Not a custom fan.  Please help!

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