MSI b450 +ML240R + mystic light

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Florian    0

Hello, i get a b450 tomahawk + a cooler master ML240R +3 Fan coolermast MF140R + 1 Antec PRIZM 120 RGB. My cable are all linked to the remote management with the ML240R and she is connected to the motherboard  . I can control all of this with the Cooler Master plus system . But Mystic Light didn't detect anything.
How can i change that. All copponent have the compatibility with Mystic light.
I can change the motherboard colors with mystic light. So the system work.
Could you help me?
I need to control all of them with mystic light cause i want to buy the corsair vengeance rgb PRO . They have the mystic light feature too

My explication could be better but my english are low ^^

I can send picture of my setup too

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jellha    0

i had the same problems, when i linked this box in the picture to 'motherboard' and go back to mystic light i did not see what hardware it was but by my aRGB connector sync everything together!


I now do not even have to open MasterPlus.


hope this helps


Desktop Screenshot 2019.06.12 -

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