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extremely disappointed with Cooler master

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lordraptor1    0

fisrt off title says it all but there are a few reasons as to why which I will cover below.   yesterday I was in a local store and picked up an original stryker pc case, I bought it to move my roomies components from her mid size case to a larger one because her little case was a dust magnet with its airflow.  anyway long story short and the reasons im disappointed with CM:


1, the box ( which was factory sealed) did not include any of the hard drive caddies which are required to install hard drives ( the floppy drive parts are in the box though o.O)

2. calling cm usa is a joke, Michael cohen is apparently never in his office and voicemail hangs up on you at the point where you are suppose to leave a message.

3.  auotomated attempts go unanswered ( automated as in e-mail)

3 live chat ( spent 20 minutes on "live" chat waiting for a reply from something other than computer generated greeting just now) so umm yeah live my foot.


at the end of the day all I want is the hard drive cages that were suppose to come with this case and if I end up having to make so be it but I can promise you one thing I have been a loyal CM customer in the past but that has changed today, I mean without support a company is useless.


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