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it is possible to customize a tempered glass for MB 5 series ?

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Dito    0

You didn't say what kind of customization you had in mind.


However, you might call around to your local glass/window repair shop. They may be able to etch (sandblast) a stencil onto the glass. It'll come out opaque and stand out against the clear glass.


Cutting the glass would be a :). 4mm tempered is strong stuff. I doubt you'd be able to do it, at least not yourself. It's not like cutting stained glass. Again, a local glazier might be able to make you a totally new panel that will fit in the bottom hinge and have the thumbscrew holes at the top. Probably not cheap, though.


Dito (way late on the response)

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One way would be removing the acrylic panel and attach a tempered glass panel on the same steel frame, which is what I'll ask a local workshop to do. It will require a little bit of cutting on the frame, but I think it'll be just fine. I'll tell you how it went, or at least if it's feasible.


Other way would be to take the specs from the oficial tempered glass panel accesory for the MB5, and ask a local workshop to do it for you. The only condition would be that your MB5 model has the two screw holes on the upper left side.

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