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CM Storm Xornet III?!

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Toshize    1



I did purchase the CM mm520 which is supposed to be an update of the CM storm mouse series.
Unfortunately ,the shape is really disappointing/awfull if we compared with the previous version of spawn,xornet,xornet ii.

I will ask to refund the mm520
Please CM,could you do a Xornet III with the same shape as previous version?

Most people who bought previous CM storm mouse which the same thing,make a xornet III with unchange shape ,a comeback!


Currently,i didnt find the xornet II with an affordable price.

Is it discontinued?

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sayasaya    1

Yes please! Same problem buddy, i own 4 xornets now with broken wheels...

I can't find a proper replacment for this mouse, they've made a great design but thrown the shittiest possible mouse wheel.

I really hope theyll return xornet, MM 520 feels worse, larger, heavier (you have to remove weight inside), and build quality feels worse aswell, none of my xornet buttons fly but MM 520 did straight out of the box

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rodrigoxm49    0

I had CM Spawn years ago and it was the best mouse that I had in my life. Sadly after almost 7 years, right button starts to show double clicking. So I bought MM520 and... Well. It's a good mouse, but somehow the Spawn shape fits much better for me. MM520 is too fat for claw purposes.

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