Darshan Patel

Case H500M - 3 pin ARGB

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Hi i have just purchased and built my PC with the coolermaster H500M case using the  Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming motherboard...


This case comes with a 3 pin ARGB connector for the front 200mm fans which needs to go into a motherboard RGB header, however the RGB headers on this motherboard are 4 pin's.


Is there anyway of getting the 3 pin connected to the motherboard using the 4 pin header? Is there a converter or an adaptor? or something? anything???


Please help, thank you.

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pk    0

Dear Cooler Master,

Please answer (somebody) Darshan's question. I, too, have same problem. H500M with MSI x299 gaming Pro Carbon AC mother board.

The MOBO has only JLED1 (RGB 4 pin connector) which I think is regular RGB  lighting. Therefore, it seems to me this is not going to light the fans and other ARGB equipment. If this is true, how do we solve this?


I bought the H500M case with 200mm front fans (ARGB) thinking I was ok for
the fans and any other ARGB items I planned to install.  However, the MOBO I selected
(MSI x299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC) which I thought had everything I would want, only has a
regular RGB header which, as mentioned, will not work for the ARGB fans as far as I can ascertain.


I am hoping a solution is possible by using the USB connection from the case RGB controller to the USB and that in turn can be controlled by

Cooler Master Master Plus software I plan to install or possibly the MSI Mystic Light software will work. Also, perhaps the LED RGB controller,

SKU MFY-RCSN-NNUDK-R1 can make this problem go away?!?! That would be great.


I have searched high and low for answers. I have a folder full of information regarding this problem but I cannot get the answers I require.

I've been to the forum, I have googled for answers, I watched every YouTube video on the subject that my searches have come up with----all to no Success!!!

At first I thought it was me; however, searching the web convinces me without a doubt that there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of Coolermaster fans who are having the same problems. And, unfortunately, they are not getting clear answers, or no answers at all.  In fact, I go to the Forum and see hundreds of questions regarding CM products but there are lots of questions/problems but very few responses. One would think that CM would have a  few knowledgeable techs to handle this multitude of problems on this forum or elsewhere. There are many, many customers/fans of CM who are very frustrated that the manufacturer, CM, seems to not care about their issues. Not good for Public Relations!!!!

Sidenote: I've called Coolermaster in California, but they have not answered the phone (I left, of course, a message) and I'm still waiting. I'll call again tomorrow.


Finally, I am a fan of CM. I think you have great products. It may end up that I change out the ARGB fans on the case to regular 200mm RGB fans, but then the AIO unit (CM 240 or 360 and a different rear case fan) will have to be regular RGB as well. I suppose I could buy another MOBO  but I cannot do this since it cost $350.00 and has never been used.This is not really what I want to do, so I am hoping, along with many others, there is a solution to this problem.


So that's my story. All I can do is hope and I write this as my last hope because I am too tired to keep looking for answers. You are the maker so someone at CM must have answers for us all!!!! Maybe there is no solution and I'll have to forgo ARGB, but then I can move on with  regular RGB and get the build finished.


For all of you who have written to this forum with all your problems and particularly these ARGB/RGB issues, I hope the powers that be at CoolerMaster

take note and undertake to help us all solve our problems.


Best Regards,

Paul K.














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Paulo    0

Hello All, 


I just bought a H500M case and an AIO ML360R for my new build.

It is an i9-9900k on the MoBo ASrock Z390 Phantom Gaming X.


Both H500M case and AIO ML360R come with their own RGB/FAN controllers.


At the same time, both H500M case and AIO ML360R are advertised as compatible with my MoBo and ASrock Polychrome Sync.


How should I connect/control the RGB pump/fans: to their own controllers or to the ASrock MoBo ?


It is my first time building a PC with RGB fans/lighting , so I really need some basic advice.


Thanks in advance for the support !

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EtienneDK    0


It's been a while since I built my rig but I had the same question .. my ASUS ROG STRIC mobo had different pins to the case.

I discovered that you can plug the 3 pin into the 4 pin. Each one will have a mark to indicate pin 1, just align on that and plug together.

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