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Lost Liquid AIO in Shippment

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Long story short, after a nightmare trying to get RMA and FB staff to communicate as the main website has been broken on and off for months now, My replacement i ended up having to pay more for in shipping costs then desired, ends up being my old address. YEP. After being told by FB reps, at least 3 times, they updated my new address and told the warehouse, they shipped it to old address anyways. O_o I was then told I must have screwed something up during the RMA chat or steps on the broken website mind you, and somehow, it wasn't the CM team, but me. At this point I'm already peeved to no end, because i ended up spending a total of $90 on a product that died not even a bit over a year in. The fact you not only didn't come clean or be honest, you guys sent the product to my old address anyways!! Like, how is it a customers fault, your website was broken, and as your FB staff stated "you had the books closed" for like 2 weeks, and then was told id be told when it was sent out by the end of the day. never occurred. then told, they cant talk tot he warehouse, to change anything or get updates, but you can cancel the item being shipped?!


I was very patient up until the point of total miscommunication every step of the way! I was told one thing, while the opposite must have occurred!. The fact you can treat a customer like this over a warranty you yourselves honor and post around as to how big and awesome it certainly know how to screw that up tot he best of your abilities. 


The Master Liquid 240ml RGB aio, is the product in question. 


I will be updating my review on NewEgg, and I will post proof of the website being broken during said times of contact and step by step process with your company. Reviews, can make or break a company in today's world. That's a well known fact. I may be just 1 customer, but imagine how this will look to everybody else once i throw down my side of the proof to show how incompetent everybody across the board actually was, and how even if i was the most difficult unruly customer to ever grace your paths, you still look like scam artists on this one. Be it the Websites RMA, FB's chat staff, or the Warehouse. it was nothing but a blame game and nobody for the past 10 chats at least, was telling an ounce of truth. 


Despicable and disgusting. To think I was going to buy a lot more from you guys.....Hope the people at my old address like a free product, because i got no way of intercepting it nor getting to it. 

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