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C700M 5.25 Bay Clarification

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After reading over the specs and several reviews, I'd like to get clarification on the 700M and it's 5.25 bay compatibility.


  1. Does there exist a configuration and/ or internal orientation for this case in which I can use a 360 rad AND two 5.25'' drives?
  2. In the even that #1 is not possible, and having to use 2 radiators is required, does Cooler Master sell additional 5.25" drive brackets?



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Posted (edited)

you can use 2x 360 rads (front and top) with the 2x 5.25 bays in place.. you only need to remove the 5.25" bays for clearance with 420 rads (either position will require removal of the 5.25" bay mount.. 


Also you must move or order a third bracket to use the bottom radiator mount (it is the same frame as is used in top/front but case only comes with 2 frames)

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