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Joe Spirit

Master Liquid Cooling - CPU Pump Bubbles?

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Joe Spirit    0
Anybody help?
I have purchased this liquid cooler this month in February. At first when I have turned it on it did not do this but after a couple of days past, I'm hear gurgling / bubble sounds coming out from the CPU pump. I read some forums online this could be due to air coming through, however I am unsure if this is fixable or or entirely faulty at all. And if I should request an exchange if this is a faulty product.  
I would appreciate if you could advise me on this technical problem. I have provided you a YouTube link to the video I recorded the sound. Please put your Audio to relatively high so you can hear it. 
Hope to hear from you soon. 
Many Thanks, 
Kind Regards. 
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Jacob68    0

Yes. Thats air bubbles in the system.


Try tilting your system in different directions. Some times it can be solved by having the air bubbles situate at the top of the radiator, after which the crackling/bubbling sound will dissapear.

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Posted (edited)



I have the same issue.  If it continues, will it actually cause any damage to the system or can I leave it as is. Its a little annoying but I can live with it (would rather not go through the hassle of returning the machine if I don't need to).


Thanks for any replies.




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