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How to control RGB on my new C700M??

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Shilu Miah    2

I have a X299 Gigabyte Aorus Ultra gaming pro


on the cooler master webpage its advertised as the led on the case can be controlled by the motherboard


On the case there is a 3 pin connection with the word gigabyte


but im unable to control the led lights via my motherboard


gigabyte web page has this:


RGB FUSION support Digital LED and RGBW Light Strips



From Cooler Master webpage:


I/O Port - Fans/LightingFan Speed Control Button, ARGB Control Button



I also own the Corsair RGB eco system with a commander pro ect ect


Anyway I can control the lights on the case with the corsair software?


I want to change the case light strips with white, but i cannot control the case lights other than using the default functions via the case button







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Hi I own this case too and built it everything works good but i dont know where to connect RGB cable and i have Gigabyte Z270 Ultra Gaming Motherboard so please help me with this

my email is

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