Where do I plug this in? for MB530P Cooling FAN issue

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chris    0

I disconnected the plugs from the weird plug below that seems to go nowhere.. 

The three fans are connected to the motherboard and work.. The RGB lights do not work.

Am i missing a part where is this supposed to go? 

The pic shows the three fan cables that were connected into this piece..


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Wouter    0

Thats a molex connector. You could connect this to you powersupply (before satapower this was standard) instead of connecting to your motherboard. It will run your fans on 100% constant but it should work. 3 fans on 1 fanconnector should be fine, but some (old) boards would have problems to supply enough power so they added a molex connector.


Maybe the RBG power however comes from it? It can't hurt to connect it and test. Worst thing would be 100% fans speeds. In which case you could disconnect it again.

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