Mohammed Syahmi

Connect ML360R + 3 MF120 Pro Air Pressure Fans

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I will be picking up the ML360R RGB this Wednesday and I was planning to do a push pull config on it. My main concern is how can I connect all 6 of the fans without it causing any issue. 


Issue #1: the ML360R comes with 3 MF120R fans, and I planned to use them as the push ones. It has a range of 650-2000rpm, which I think will make some conflict with the MF120 Pro AP since it only has a range of 650-1500rpm. Apart from having to figure out how to set them up as they have different sets of max rpm, will this cause any issue if both sides are maxing out their speed? 


Issue #2: the MF120R is an ARGB fans, so its a given that it won't work with the standard 4 pins RGB cables, so how can I work it in sync with the MF120? Is the included controller inside the box of ML360R be enough? I know that the controller has 5 ports for ARGB fans and 2 standard RGB ports, but will it work in sync with the Masterplus software?


My mobo is the ASUS Crosshair VI Hero.

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