MasterLiquid ML360R RGB hub connection

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Im mid build and have 6 fans 12 volts daisy chained onto a seperate header card ( basicly a splitter 6 fan connectors and 1 pvm ), but just realized there is a 5 volt AND a 12 volt on either side of the USC connection on the cooler master hub.

My question is, can i connect my daisy chain in the 12 volt connection of the coolermaster ?

Since the hub is sata powered and my header card is not i am a bit hesitant to connect 6 fans onto the motherboard in 1 connection due to power issues that might or not arrise, so if I could work around that with connectting all 9 fans to the coolermaster hub id feel easier.


Only way this would work is the sata powered hub has both/separate 12 volt and a 5 volt connection within ( 2 transformers i would guess )


The 6 fans im using are Lian Li Bora Lite version


Man i never seen such a connectivity salad, there are cabels and hubs and header cards everywhere ... head hurts.


Im going to leave it for now so I dont hook up stuff and blow all my leds and wait for the community to speak up :)


ps. i posted in another room, but activity there seems rather dead, so try here.

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