Mastercase h500 fan led issues

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It So iv recently found out how to use the rgb controller that came with the h500(yeah Ik stupid thing to say but I’m new to the pc world

So before my 2 rgb 200mm fans was plugged into he rgb header on my gigabyte z370p d3, i then plugged it into the controller and worked for a while, but then it just doesn’t work anymore, the light are flickering at a very low level. I plugged the rgb connector back into the motherboard and nothing happened, the rgb won’t light up. I tried to plug the rgb header into one of the fan connector and though they didn’t fit they got some power thought as they made contact and the fans did light up 


PS I already sent a ticket to CM support but no response so far. In the automated message it said a response will be sent to me “soon” but well it been nearly 24 hours still got nothing

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