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Wraith Ripper RAM clearance inquiry

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So i'm planning a build with the Wraith Ripper and i need to ask someone about ram compatibility. 


has anyone tried this cooler with

Corsair Vengeance RGB Black PRO


i'm planning on an 8 stick build and would like to know how compatible the cooler is with this type of ram and the 2 RAM slots on each side that are closest to the CPU. 


since looking online is inconclusive at best vague at worst.  

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lordraptor1    0

I feel you and calling cm is a joke as they don't respond in any capacity and when the phone does pick up it is vm intro then hang up  best thing I can say is follow my lead and don't buy one.  until cm takes the customers seriously and answer the questions we have based on the growing number of ram not fitting and top pcie slot covered, to glose to top gpu I don't think anyone should buy a wraithripper.  I mean really when you do see someone showing it off it is on 1 of 2 boards and msi meg or an asus so does that mean the board and ram combos were msi meg boards and asus boards usng low pro ram?  if so the wraithripper would not classify in my eyes as a viable cooling solution for TR4 if it is only compatible with 2 boards and low pro ram

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