Masterbox MB530P power button RGB LED

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I just finished my first ever build and I am having a few issues with the RGB.  I have the MB530P case with a ML360R and the main issue is that the RGB light for the case is flashing random colors, not synchronized with the rest of the case.   Is there something I have done wrong?  I have plugged the RGB header into the controller.


Another note, does anyone know how to get this thing to sync up to Aura sync?  I have a ROG Crosshair VII so I believe its definitely capable, I just cant figure out how to get it all synced.


Thanks in advance :)

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lol, I have exactly same prob with exact components.. :) and u should connect it to ARGB header, not RGB. But I did it and it didnt help me... Idk what to do. 

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