PCI-E 8pin to 8pin for Real Power M1000 (older model)

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I own a Real Power M1000 PSU for many years now and still running well. One of the PCI-E 8-pin cables (for GPU) that came with the PSU became faulty and i was wondering if i am able to replace it. Attached is a picture of my PSU.


I checked on Cooler Master store and found this cable:  https://www.cmstore.eu/spare-parts/power-supply/pci-e-6-pin-to-2x-6-2-pin-modular-flat-cable/


My GPU uses 2 x 8-pin PCI-E.


Will it work with my PSU?


Thank you.


EDIT: I found the correct cable that is 8pin to 2x (6+2) pin but it specifically says it is not compatible with my PSU model.




Any other options?


I am currently using:


- 2x6pin connected to a molex (2x6 pin to 8-pin molex).

- 8pin to 8pin (the original that came with the PSU).


Real Power M1000.jpg

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good question, because I am searching a "Molex 8 Pin to PCI-e 8 Pin" cable for a Cooler Master RS-850-ESBA (Real Power M850).

Where I can buy a compatible cable, because I lost both 8 Pin cable :-(


Thank you.




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jdj9    0

I bought an 8pin to 6+2pin from from eBay (same as the one in your picture, but loner) but it does not work.

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