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Which WaveMaster Color would you prefer? (Pictures)

Which color would you buy for your Wave Master?  

52 members have voted

  1. 1. Which color would you buy for your Wave Master?

    • Green
    • Aqua
    • Yellow w/ Black Trim
    • Red
    • Purple
    • Orange
    • Phantom Grey

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BigAl    0's the car-like finish that I would be after. I'm not very good at glossy finishes - I just use spray cans and sanding? Forget about it. A high-gloss baked on acrylic paint job would be the way to go. Color wise, aqua would be nice. :mrgreen:

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Rad-FHmod    0

Has CM looked into anodized colors yet? So far with the exception of the black anodized cases, I've only seen colors as paint. Seems to me that anodizing would be much more cost effective than trying to keep up the quality of a nice hi-gloss auto finish.

I think a black anodized case with gold anodized trim would look awesome.... and the reverse. Gold case, black trim. No one in the computer industry except a few heat sinc companies are doing gold anodizing. Seems most everythying is Black, Blue and Silver.

I remember an old GeForce III I used to have that had Green anodized heat sincs on it... Maybe another great combo... Green anodized case with Gold anodized trim.... The colors of Royalty :)

edit: I was also thinking about what a thick coat of paint does to alluminum's heat dispursal qualities. Seems to me that the paint would add a thermal layer of sorts to Alloy. Holding heat in, and not letting it react to the surrounding air like alloy does. Anodizing is basically dying the alluminum a color so you still have the same cooling abilities.

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Mr. Miyagi    2

I'm really liking the red/gold scheme Rad-FHmod. It looks pretty pimp. The green reminds me of Robin Hood for some reason, but I still think it looks sweet.

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