Connect app settings are not saved

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Uhlik    0

Everytime I start Connect app I have to make all profile settings again. It should remember custom profile settings and restore last used profile with all settings at Windows start (or at least on logon).

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onkel dolan    3

MASTERFAIL 1500 has the same problems as 1200 I am suffering from the same issues and ITS DRIVIND ME MAD. In every restart the fan kicks back on even if I have already set it to silent. I HAVE TO DO THE SAME THING IN EVERY RESTART... I will  first RETURN the FAILMAKER 1200 and then start a SPAMMING CAMPAIN in YouTube, blogs and social media in order to make this an issue for coolermaster... Its a pity they should come up with a solution, even in the form of a startup script to offer support to us fail-ridden folks. I suggest you to do the same if you value your investments and dislike being SUCKERS...

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