Gary Johnson

Cooler Leaked all over components

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I have had this cooler about a year now and cam back from vacation to be greeted by a leak in the cooler, sadly the damage was done and my pc would no longer turn on. I had a 1070, 32gb of corsair ram, and a 256gb intel ssd inside. I already sent a ticket to the support team and am waiting for the response. So what should I do if they refuse to replace the damaged components.

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Brad Burns    0

I've been through 3, yes 3 of these, they have ALL died the exact same way with liquid coming out of the radiator into the fan blades. I actually already sent one in for RMA and returned the other one to Amazon and now THIS AGAIN... Fortunate I was home at the time of this problem, Windows slowed to a halt crashed i restarted, gave me blue screens:


"io1 initialization failed"


then I saw the temps at 61C... I knew it was happening AGAIN...


This is ridiculous, I have an i9-9820X a $900 CPU and if it's fried I'm going to be seriously pissed.


I've had hundreds of liquid cooler AIOs in systems I've built for customers and friends and this defect rate is beyond pathetic..


RMA requested.

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