Michel Streurman

Masterbox 5 (MCY-B5S1-KWYN-02) + MSI Core Frozr XL

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Hi everyone,


I am planning a build which incorporates the Masterbox 5 (MCY-B5S1-KWYN-02), Intel Core i9 9900k, nVidia GeForce RTX 2080 and I am looking for a CPU heatsink (no water block as I will be moving my machine quite often) that will be able to keep it cool enough (basically a 250Watt TDP), I found the MSI Core Frozr XL which is available at the company which I am ordering from, but it is 170mm high. Can anyone confirm if this will fit in the case and have the side panel with window still fit on it as well, I'm asking this as the product page specifies it "only" fitting 167mm high heatsinks. in other words: if I would fit a 167mm heatsink in there, how much clearance do I have to the side panel? is it a very snug fit or do I have some space left?

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