POWER LED missing

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i have client that buy Trooper SE chassis,

And motherboard Asus Maximus XI Code.

Here the problem is,

+POWER_LED- cable on trooper chassis missing!

How i suppose to make the motherboard even start working ?

Something must tell the motherboard that Power button is press ON.

I try everything and noting work.

Also there is some weird looking cable which there is no schematics what it does.


User-added image

That fan cable is for fans i see, but i have no idea where on motherboard need to be plug in.


I will keep researching cuz i need that pc working.

I hope you guys gave me the answer if possible with photos or scheme.

Thank you in advanced.

 Merry Christmas Eve to everybody!

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Same problem here. The PLED/PWR_LED (Power LED, Yellow/Purple) cable is missing in my Trooper SE. The manual states 2 Power LED connections, 1 is 2 pin, the other 3 Pin, and both are missing. The "CI" connector is also missing. Also there is a strange 2 pin unlabeled plug (photo attached) that does not seem to have a place to plug into inside the chassis or on the motherboard. Instructions are nondescript. The 2 pin cable for sure goes to the top control panel board above the X-dock. Any help is appreciated.


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I left it disconnected. All fans in the case work. So this must be for additional fans only. The front panel works fine. I never found the LED Power connections (Item 12) in User's Manual, but they all work. So we're good.

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