ML120LRGB and Asus ROG Strixz390F-Gaming Pump and Fan Connections

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H Everyone

I have a brand new motherboard  and cooler/pump as in title . I have got them all in the case ready to connect up. However there is a lot of ambiguity on the best way to connect the pump and the radiator fans to this ASUS z390 motherboard.     Some say do it one way and some say do it another.  It doesn’t help when the connectors are 3 pin and 4 pin with both manufacturers giving different points of views on how to connect each other’s kit.


Seeing as this motherboard is obviously very popular amongst the real hardcore gamers out there surely Cooler Master can offer some advice on how to get the best out of their product?


The cooler master has  from the radiator a connector supposedly to go to a Motherboard socket marked as.   







And also another connector which according to the Cooler Master manual isn’t marked but it does show it connecting to a motherboard  (very helpful Cooler Master!!!!!).    I assume this is for the pump but Cooler Master haven’t exactly been explicit in their diagrams or info. There is no info other than a sketch.    However the cable /connector coming from the pump is 3 cable / 3  pin  (please see last photo attached).    


However on the ASUS Motherboard theire are loads of connectors   All. Of which are 4 cable / 4 pin  (please see attached for ASUS motherboard socket info. These seem to be standard connectors on any Z390 Motherboard     (Please see attached photos from manual ) 


So the questions are

1).  What is the best way to connect the ML120L Connectors to the ASUS ROG STRIX Z390?          


It’s about time Cooller Master put some explicit instructions with photos for different motherboards on their website to help the first time PC builders out. It wold also help if they communicated with ASUS so they could forward on to consumers the best way to connect up rather than frustrating the :) out of us with useless instructions that contradict each other.


Anyway any help from the experienced builders who have navigated this prob successfully would be much appreciated by my son and myself 






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