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CM MasterAir Maker 8 TDP & JetFlo compatibility?

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Greetings. I've recently been looking at a MasterAir Maker 8 as my cooler of choice for my next gaming PC. However I was curious as to what the actual rated TDP of the cooler is. On the Overview page (image included below) that it is 250w. But on the compatibility page (image included below) that is only 180w. Was just hoping to get a bit of clarification on whether it's 250w or only 180w.


CM MasterAir Maker 8 Overview Page.png

CM MasterAir Maker 8 Compatibility List.png


I was also wondering if anyone knew whether or not a pair of CM JetFlo 120mm fans would fit with the special 120mm fan brackets or not. I believe that they would but I was hoping someone else may have already tried it, either successfully or un-successfully, or that a CM moderator would be able to answer that for me. Thanks in advance. :)

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