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I am not very familiar with pc things. I bought this from a friend and now its making a buzzing noise. I kept it on few I believe about 7 hours and then a buzzing noise came. I only know this is something from the cooler master cause I read it on the pc. I really want to stop it but I turned the pc of and then turned it back on and it powers off and buzzing continues. Not quite sure what to do. It won't connect to the screen thingy like to turn it off um the desktop screen thingy. But yeah I really wanna turn the sound off ASAP and make it actually work again. Thanks

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Posted (edited)

hi, supposing that you have a complete pc with its processor, its graphic card, sound card, memory slots full and a proper US voltage power supply - its hard to pin point a problem without knowing:


1) the case is vibrating? (does it have anti-vibrating feet)

2) a component inside is buzzing? (like a fan near vents)

3) no screen show up after turning it on? (bios / welcome / login) bought it from friend without witnessing it run first?


you turned it back on and it powers off, by itself?

...and still afterwards, it buzzes still?

i would think its a PSU problem... try unplugging every component from pc and leave only the power chord in then turn on your pc and see if it crashes again as you power it up!


as for the screen problem: is it about the bios screen?

is shows up a advertising brand for motherborad, such as Asus, Msi, Gigabyte, etc... does your pc even beeps on powering it up?

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