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HELP!! New fans not working

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Hey guys,


I've got a problem with my fans at the moment. I just recently bought the Masterfan Pro 120 Air Balance 3 in 1 with RGB LED Controller and hooked it up to my computer. It seems  however to not work (no RGB lights and no spinning) when connected to the fan hub that came with it. It does work when you plug each fan individually directly to the mother and leds do work when you flip the switch (only red and blue works).


I have also gotten them replaced from the store i bought it from.


Would anyone here know what would seem to be the issue?


The specs of my computer are as follows:


- Asus TUF mother z370 Plus Gmaing 

- Intel  Core i7 8700k 

- Thermaltake PSU 750 W Litepower Series

- Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 (MSI) 

- 16GB T-Force 3000 MHz DDR4 Memory


Any tips and suggestions are appreciated.


Thanks guys,



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