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RMA rejected and question not answered

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Hi everyone!


I've an issue with my masterkey pro L keyboard. Two keys doesn't work properly (D and C) sometime it works sometime not and some other time it works double or after a hit another key. Other important point the F9 key is 'broken' (the part of the switch in cross shape that allow the key to fit the switch) but still working. 

First, I get in touch with the seller, which replied that as there is a physical alteration of the production the warranty could not work and I have to contact coolermaster customer service to know their point of view.

Then, I opened a RMA request explaining my issue and the physical alteration with pictures. The RMA has been denied. Here is a copy of the reply "We are sorry to hear this. Within the first 2 years you have to bring your faulty product back to the store where you purchased it. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Kind regards, Cooler Master". There is no mention of the 'broken' F9 key.

I forwarded this answer to the seller and he replied that as there is no mention of the F9 key he can't be sure that the warranty is still ok. And that I have to ask coolermaster customer service if it's ok or not.

But now I'm not able to open a new RMA to get this answer. I can only check the status of my initial request.

How can I get in touch again with the customer service for this product? 

Beside this, is there a list of allowed "people" to repair coolermaster products in agreement with the warranty? 


RMA number: CNLFR1811017


Best regards!


Philippe R.



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