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Hi. I just bought cooler master M410M cooler and trying instal on msi b450 tomahawk motherboard. I noticed ist not fiting to my motherboard but its AM4 socket and it should fit...

The part is foulty is back plate. There are screws witch I can turn but to point its supose to mount its inposible couse there is no space then atacet to my motherboard. Then i make backplate posible to put in mounting holes there is wrong positions for couler to screw in... I do something wrong meybe or its broken product? 


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The answer is in ur picture, u are using the wrong holes. If u look at the bottom right area, ull notice intel. The AM4 are the swaure backs and have a female fitting that attach to them on the other side of the motherboard when u put them on. Find the square backs... those are the ones for the AM4. 

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