Elite 110 Front i/o does not work

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So I have been troubleshooting the crap out of this thing and have just about given up. Whenever I try to use both of the front usb ports on my case I get a notification saying that the usb device is not recognized. The weird part about it, and why I think it might be a case issue is that the notification keeps flashing on and off like the cable or one of the pins isn't fully seated. I've fiddled with the wires and to my knowledge they are seated but nothing works. I've updated drivers and went in and re downloaded the usb software on the devise config. Running out of options, any ideas?

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Rastersoft    0

Have you tried to check if there is a problem with the motherboard connection? Also, check that the USB cables run separated from "noisy" elements (electrically speaking, of course) like the RAM or the power supply.

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