ML360R Temperatures "High"

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SG    0

So i recently Purchased a ML360R to place in my system, looks very cool. kind of disappointed at the limited options between ARGB and RGB but I can live with it. The main reason i bought this cooler was to see if the AIO hype was worth it. I have always used air cooling. the one AIO I have used for bench testing was very loud but kept the temps super low on that machine under load. 


I am Running an I7-8700K and running at 1.235V at 4.7GHz OC, this cooler is hitting 75 Degrees pretty quickly. to give context my previous cooler, a Pure Rock be quiet (about 1/8th the cost of this ML360R) was only getting beaten by about 10 Degree's is there something i should look for ? the fans spin up and it gets pretty damn loud but alas i cant get much more out of it. I really don't want to Delid, before somebody suggests it. Any general advice or things I may have missed ? i took my time installing it and it fires away fine. I must be being a Numpty somewhere  >?

Or is this more Intel's fault than my coolers, somebody with the knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

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markuaw1    0

Intel use such crappy thermal paste i am running a 8700k at 5.0GHz at 1.2v with the same cooler ML360R  working great for me and yes it's delid 


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Talb007    0

Hi guys, I got that AIO and when I run a stress test, the temp going to 90-100 degC. I have a i7-8700k using the gigabyte z370 aorus gaming 7. Thank for your feedback.

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