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6 Month long RMA, how long should it take?

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corey parks    0

so i ended up having one of my screws snap on my 612 evo V2

 it was stuck in the nut and couldn't get it out, so i made 2 part RMAs


they both got approved so i left it and used another heatsink in the meantime from a older PC

after about 2 months i contacted them wondering about the ETA

and was told there was a shortage with those particular parts and it would be faster to just send me an entire mounting kit

so they closed my 2 old RMAs and made a new one for a whole new kit, and said it should be 1-2 weeks

waited another month or so and i contacted them again

they said there was a issue with the warehouse, they were moving alot around and it should be sent out once that's finished

got busy didn't checkup with them for awhile, tried again a day or 2 ago

wouldn't let me login said my email wasnt allowed, and so i called them, tried 3 departments and no one was there during the hours the phone said they were open

logged in today fine but the live chats currently closed


just wondering if anyones had any issues with RMA times, if im just super unlucky, or if anyone else has any stories

its been 6 months, if i didn't have another heatsink  id of contacted them more and it would of been a bigger issue

another thing i noticed  i cant seem to find the part RMA on the site anymore, idk why

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