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fabiorem    0

I bought a Hyper 212X some months ago, for my old i7-2600 which was overheating. However, this processor died little more than a week ago, after seven years and three months of intense use.


I built a new computer, with a i5-8400, but I cant put the Hyper 212x on it. Not due to being a 1151-pin processor, as it uses the same holes of the 1155 ones, but for a different reason: when I removed the Hyper 212X from the old computer, the drums for the screws came alongside it, and cant be removed, not even with pliers.


The only way to put it in the new motherboard, is with the main sink, which is big and heavy, and can damage the motherboard, as I would need to turn it up and down, due to the back plate, which needs to be aligned with it.


What can I use to remove these drums? Only one of them was removed, the other three seems to be glued to the screws.




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agello24    0

try a little wd40 where the screws meet the bolt.  may loosen it up some.  funny thing is my hyper 212 is on my i7 2600 right now. i had this same issue with removing the cooler from my old AMD fx. i had to use my cordless drill on impact mode to "tap" it  free.

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