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MasterLiquid ML360R RGB + MasterFan Pro 140 AP RGB + Asus ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO WiFi Motherboard >> RGB, FAN,...?

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I recently purchased new hardware and I'm in progress with my build...


However, I'm at a loss on how to connect the RGB lighting system ???


This is what I have:

- MasterLiquid ML360R RGB  (CPU cooler with the included ARGB Controller(with buttons and such...)

- MasterFan Pro 140 AP RGB (3 fan pack with an included RGB Controller? (No buttons, just connectors)

- Asus ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO WiFi Motherboard  (with all it's Fan headers, RGB connectors,...)


Now how does this work together ????????


Do I now need to use the 2 controllers to drive the 3 fans on the CPU cooler and the additional 3 casefans?


How do I hook this up?


Anybody has an idea ???


Just had a further look in the Motherboard manual, and it seems I have 2 adressable RGB headers...

So do I just hookup the 2 controllers in these 2  adressable RGB headers?


Or can I hook it all to one controller and have the luxury of changing all colors via one controller???






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Some more motherboard info...

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Posted (edited)

as far as i have been dealing with rgb and argb fans on an asus prime X299 de luxe .

there is no need for the coolermaster controllers . conect the coolers to the correct conections on mb

( do not mix rgb with argb on one connection it wil not work correctly)

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