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Bhavish Hak

New Keyboard resets every 5 - 10 mins.Frustating

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Bhavish Hak    0

Keyboard resets after around 5 10 min everytime.
and esc and F5 keys keep blinking.
then all the other function keys also don't work.

eg:0 I set keybpard brightness to something after 5 mins it resets to full brightness and nothing else works.

I have to plug in again for the brightness keys to work.

It's a new keyboard whats wrong in this?

Can't raise a damn ticket because the website errors out everytime I submit.

Pathetic service can't even maintain a freaking website.
Can someone help? Is this a faulty keyboard?

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I have been experiencing the same problems Bhavish. I have been pulling out the hair @ times, but think (pray) I may have found the problem in my case.


It seems there was a conflict between Cooler Master Portal and Gigabyte's Aorus RGBFusion software (Graphics Card), with the latter seemingly taking over the keyboard RGB after 15 - 20 mins or so. So far, since I have uninstalled RGBFusion, the problem has not reoccurred. Perhaps, in your case, it could also be a conflict with other software you have installed?


I still have my fingers crossed.......but hope this may help.

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