unable to configure Sentinal 3 mouse after FW update

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Richard    0



Recently bought this mouse, I have installed the software and drivers. 

Took a look around the CM storm options and changed some LED and DPI settings, then updated the FW.

Now the software shows me "plug in your cm mouse device to get started".


I've reinstalled the software & drivers and with that rebooted the PC but does not help.

in device manager the mouse is not reconised as a CM Storm device but as a regular "HID-mouse". Im not sure this was like that when the software worked correctly, I didnt check then.



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Richard    0

I've found the solution, It had to do something with the windows registery.

I have again uninstalled the software, then used CCleaner and regcleaner. Installed the CM portal software and now it is able to detect the mouse.


btw, in the devicemanager it still shows the mouse as a regular "HID-mouse"

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