Hyper 212 Evo Screws

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MetGreDKo    0

So, I can pick any book knowledge up or figure out how things work with ease. When it comes to using my hands however, I'm a boob. I've never been good at it. Following instructions online I've started putting together my build today. I had success with the beginning parts but when it came to this part the instructions weren't helpful in the least. I went to some Youtube videos and they helped except I've run across an issue I've seen others post about. My installation so far has the plate installed on the back end of the motherboard. Prior to applying thermal paste I checked the X-bracket for how it would need to be positioned to fit all of the screws. It seems to sit well on it after moving the screws into another hole, the one diagram which was helpful to me. I applied the thermal paste and set the heat sink down. I went to put the X-bracket through the heat sink and sit the middle screw down into the hole provided for it. Here is where I ran into the issue. The screws for the X-bracket don't reach where they're supposed to now. I slightly screw in by hand  one screw from either side then the other gets pulled up even further and the only way to bring it down to screw in seems to be to an amount of force that would bend the metal and damage the processor or motherboard pins beneath it. The solutions others had were to press down hard but as a first time builder I'm concerned about the pressure I would need to apply. So felt I'd post some pictures and get some feedback before doing anything and potentially damaging the pins underneath my processor.


My motherboard: Asus - ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING ATX LGA1151


Nevermind, was going to upload pictures but I got it. The 












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YonStewart    0

Dude, i accidentally cut myself because of how frustrating this CPU cooler is. I have the Hyper Evo 212, yeah? I'm a first time builder so I get anxious about my parts. I get to the instructions part of it and that's all fine. Then i look at the parts on the little paper of instructions and mine doesn't come with the washers. Yet, i have everything I need??? I don't understand. It's frustrating me so much cause i can't just mount the backplate without those washers for my standoffs to go in. Note: I do have the AMD AM4 compatible one. It came with the kit, but the instructions call for washers to go on the standoffs???? I don't have those.

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