Weird noise from ML240L RGB pump

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Konstantin    0

Hello everyone!


Three months ago, I built my new PC using ML240L RGB. Until recently, everything was fine. From the beginning, sometimes there was bursting bubble sound (and it was ok), but... About a week ago, I noticed new weird sound that coming directly from the pump. It sounds like an old HDD with that kind of rattling/cracking sound (however, I have no one, there is only a SSD which is absolutely quiet). I don't know how to describe the sound properly, so I shot a video. Maybe, one of you has already met with that issue and can help me to figure out what is the cause.



(during the video, I am getting my Zoom H1 closer to the pump so you can hear the sound better)

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Mohd Noh    29


I have this cooling since ( dont know ) when  :)

So far this cooling serving me without any fail .

Try touch customer services for further action .


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Austere    0

Hi Konstantin, how did you resolved the problem with the noise? Is there a fix? I have the same issue and I am considering returning it if not. Thanks.

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