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need some help with masterliquid 120l on gigabyte 970 DS3P

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niki    0

i recently bought the coolermaster masterliquid 120 lite . but im wondering where to put my pump in my board . i have the radiator fan on my cpu 4pin fan header and for now the pump wich is a 3 pin connector to the pwr fan header on my board also a 3 pin . at first i had some issues like that my liquid cooling got higher idlle temps than my coolermaster masterair Pro 3 air cooler .... later i went to my bios and turned cpu fan mode to pwm before it was auto . than i turned cpu fan control mode and cpu fan to disable . got better temps now in iddle . got only normal or silent or manual or disable mode . i guess disable means that they always run at 100% , i also hope this . if anyone can help me it would be nice . i have a amd fx 8350 ( 8core at 4ghz ) running at stock speed . i play cod ww2 and temps go up to 70 degrees c with this cooler before i changed the above facts in my bios ... dont know what it will be now cause i didnt try . also runned prime95 stress test and here i get max 69 degrees c .

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