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Alternative Front Radiator Bracket

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Jonathan    0


So after all this time... Where is the "alternative" front radiator bracket that you promised us? The one that would let us use the 2 external drives bays (already cut out in the Mesh part of the case by the way)

"Knud" told about it HERE and also ON REDDIT
Almost one year later, I still can't find anything. I found the Cooling Bracket (THIS and THIS) but that it's not what I'm looking for as this one is exactly the same than the one we get when we buy the case.

So now I want a clear answer: Will it ever come out one day? Is it already out and that I couldn't find it?
I do think you actually lied to us about this. A 300$ case with a "fake bay" in the Mesh part. That's a nice one Cooler Master...

If I could use it for another HotSwap drive bay, that would be very useful but I don't want to sacrifice my front fans for that.

I really hope that such an alternative exists, it should (and you actually said it will)


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Jonathan    0

Well I guess it will never happen / exist, right?
Good job guys, really!

Congratulations to the one that designed this and did not think about having an alternative bracket to still have fans on the front panel + two 5.25"
And good job to the guy who claim it will exist, but months later, still nothing.


If you really did not want two 5.25" bays, just cut one in the mesh and that's it!  Why offering 2.. By sacrificing the ventilation!??


A good case, with a stupid design choice. That's what it is with nowadays computer cases. Whatever the brand, they are all the same: Stupid mistakes which are for most of them easy to resolve. But no.


I guess it went as this: ":) it, we'll do a C800P which will resolve this.. But add another stupid mistake :) ". Got it.

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erikpsmith    0

Hey, I see this post is a year old, and it is entirely possible that you have figured out how to lick this problem yourself. But I managed to solve it, too. I got a narrow, flat piece of aluminum at Home Depot and made my own bracket. There are appropriate mounting holes in the case, but to get everything to line up properly, you really need to drill with precision, using a drill press. I used a dremel tool to cut the aluminum pieces. This proved infinitely simpler than my earlier plan, obtaining one of those hard-to-find accessory cooling brackets and cutting it down to size. This works perfectly, and frankly, if I'd sprayed the bracket black, you'd never be able to tell this was homebuilt. One note -- I figured out that it makes sense to install this bracket from the inside of the case -- if you install from the outside, it will cause the plastic front panel to bulge, and things won't line up correctly.



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