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MasterKeys Keyboards modifications

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This is my first post in this forums.


I've been into the mechanical keyboarding building journey for about 6 months now. I've been looking in the market for a wireless TKL keyboard that has RGB lighting and is exactly the same size as a CM Storm QuickFire Rapid. Reason for this is I have a custom aluminum casing that can only fit a QuickFire Rapid. 


So below are my questions before I go out and buy a MasterKeys Pro S RGB 

1. There seems to be some typo on the dimensions in the product link. It says 359 x 130.8 x 39mm can I get a confirmation from the community what the actual size is? My worry is with the 130.8. I believe it should be 138mm?

2. Is there a way to set a timeout on the LED back lighting? I basically need to know if there are any power saving features from this keyboard?

3. Is there an audio-visualizer feature on this keyboard like with other competitors such as Corsair keyboards? 


What I hope to do once I get a MasterKeys Pro is to recreate the project in the imgur link. What the project did was to fit a Bluetooth HID emulator into the case of a wired keyboard.



Together with the modifications above. I hope to change the switches too to some modified switches that I have.


I will keep this thread updated with my build log whether or not I get a MasterKeys keyboard or not.





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Ricson Chua    0

I finally got around getting a used Cooler Master Pro S RGB at a cheaper price.


I'll continue to do update my progress here in the forums.  Goals I have in mind are as follows.

- Change switch to zealiostotles.

- Migrate Masterkeys PCB to Lambo TKL case.




Work that needs to be done.

1. Retrofit a CM Storm QuickFire Rapid plate onto Masterkeys PCB.

 -  Problems so far. QuickFire Rapid's PCB is slightly smaller than Masterkeys S

 -  Force fit QuickFire plate or 3D print a new keyboard plate that will also double as a spacer so that I have enough space inside the aluminum case for all other components.

2. Get extension cables and re-order USB port pins on the Lambo TKL case.

 -  Reordering tested to be working.

3. Install bluetooth using Handheld Scientific BT-500.

4. Install battery charge controller. I will be using an Adafruit powerboost 500c.


Questions I have.

1. Does the other CN pinouts on the PCB work? I am trying to avoid soldering parallel wires on the JST USB connection port. As seen in image below there are a few connectors available. CN2 and CN4 are circles. I am also curious to know what SEL1 and SEL2 does.My motherboard version can be seen on the following image after the photo with ports.


IMAGE 1: CN4, CN2, SEL1 and SEL2




IMAGE 2: PCB model number.





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