Just got round to trying to install MasterLiquid 240.

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I just got around to trying to install the Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240 i got from Amazon in Late March 2018. I removed the old Wraith Spire cpu cooler and noticed that their is nothing to mount the new ML 240 To. I checked the packet and consulted the docs as per normal. Theirs little to no mention on how to mount this ML 240 onto my motherboard with a AM4 socket, just a single picture in the little foldout booklet.


As per my picture , i have checked everything and i have put red circles around the holes on the motherboard where previous cooler was installed. I have connected brackets as per instructions onto the Cooler and checked to make sure it will mount. It will not mount. I`m not a dimwit , but i am perplexed as i think theirs something missing ?? some sort of bracket ? I heard something about a special bracket being needed for AM4 mounting ? Is this free of charge ?







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I had the same thing today when replacing my original AMD cooler with a Coolermaster one: you removed the missing brackets when installing your Wraith Spire. On my Asus motherboard, the same backplate was used, and two black plastic bars. I put mine in a drawer with more stuff like that. Find them, install them again, and everything should work out. Check a picture from your motherboard on the manufacturer's site if you want visual confirmation of my statement ;).

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