Adrian Oleś

I'm not sure where i shoud conect one of front panel cables :/

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Pat baker    0

mine did NOT have the nice 90 degree end..BUT i belive that is your F_USB31C  socket on your Mother board...check the MB book for that location...should be towards the front  perhaps close to the end of MEM sticks   i HATE that they LABELED NOTHING on these cases ..i have a MAJOR issue with the SUPPLIED LED/FAN controller..but can NOT FIND/REACH any help..their website SUX

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Ted B.    0

Take a look on your MB layout in the manual and you should find "U31G2_C5". It will be close to your 24 pin power connector and I think the picture you submitted shows it there. It goes in one way, cord pointing outward, fits like a glove.

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