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C700M PSU shroud

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Gofran AYED    0

Dear cooler master 


is it possible to remove the psu shroud and so is it 2 part like remove shide shroud then top shroud or is there in the future a look in shroud because mine future psu has screen on it asus thor 1200 watt i am hoping that if you guys going to release a shroud with window or open shroud 

i am intrested 

in the case please find out thank you

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Angelllus    0

I also have bought the C700M Case and the Asus ROG Thor 850Watt PSU currently even with the psu shroud off completely (Which lets be honest if the part the locks into the shroud had a window would be ideal) I still have the PSU bracket hiding my OLED wattage display from the PSU. I'd be happy to pay for a different bracket that doesn't cover the left side of the psu and a different PSU shroud that on the left side as a window where the psu would fit.



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