Missing 4 pin power cable?

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Hi all.

  My first build, so I'm new at this, if this sounds dumb. I have a Stryker SE case and the instruction point out the "4 pin power cord" ( on pg.11, bottom) on the front I/O panel. I see the 4 pin connector behind the panel, my question is, was I supposed to receive the 4 pin power cable with the case ( one wasn't in it) or am I supposed to use my own 4 pin "molex" from my PSU cables? That cable is marked "perif" and is the only 4 pin cable I have. Any advise would be appreciated.

   Also, do I have to connect a SATA (?) cable to the SATA port on the back of the control panel to get the "X-Dock" to function? 

Thank you.

   ----Update; ..yes, I have to provide the power to the 4 pin molex from the power source, (as I have found out via research and cooler master support), as the cable is not supplied with the case.  As for the "SATA" cable/connector on the panel, next to the molex pins, well, I just connected a SATA cable to it going to my mobo as I figured this must be the configuration for the "X-Dock" and "power" is supplied via the main power-molex connection, albeit support hasn't yet verified that is what it is for and how power is supplied, but it only seems logical and even-though it is connected, windows and my mobo do not detect it nor list it on the devise detection settings. I'll have to get a 2.5 devise and test it out I guess, maybe it isn't detected until used, like something in the USB port is.

 Anyway, at least the first and most important issue has been resolved, that being POWER to the front panel via the 4 pin molex and even then, there is NO LED light or indicator, as depicted in pictures on the product site or on the box. There is no "PWR LED" connector/wire in the 3 wires/connectors in the case that go to the mobo so I'm not sure what would power the panel LEDs.


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