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Mesh front panel for MasterBox Lite 5 ?

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Is it possible to buy a mesh front panel for the MasterBox Lite 5 ? It could do with the same treatment that the H500P got with a fully mesh front. 


I have 3 X 120mm fans sitting behind a plastic front with really bad airflow and don't want to take the front panel off and let all the dust in.

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Piracha    0

I have the exact same problem and I have created a ticket as well. The case is ruining temperature and it is a big problem. My temps are not in good shape and I am avoiding heavy work like Photoshop, editing and gaming a this moment.

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My message:



My setup has been running not optimally due to the poor airflow of this case. Location: Singapore Ambient temp: 33-35 degrees Idle CPU temp: 44-46 degrees 100% CPU load temp: 86-88 degrees Heard online that removing the front panel helps but it will attract dust of course. Can you offer a solution to this, please? I do have the original receipt. It is bought less than a month ago.


The reply I got from support:



Hi, Lee Zhan Wei

The MasterBox Lite 5 is built for looks, so its thermal performance will be reflected by its more closed off design.

We recommend a high air flow rear fan to improve the heat dissipation, like the MasterFan Pro 120.



Built for looks?


Pretty bad answer if you ask me.

Edited by Lee Zhan Wei

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