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i have been away for building my own computer for 10 + years now. finally, i am back.

since rgb seem to be the way to go now a day.

Case: H500M

all non-light components, i will use black/yellow as main color.

41905365870_3cc76db8cb_h.jpgIMG_4735 by Li Cai, on Flickr

42997961274_fb7859ecd1_h.jpgIMG_4742 by Li Cai, on Flickr

42810321675_7868ad21a2_h.jpgIMG_4743 by Li Cai, on Flickr

42997960194_b2f9170945_h.jpgIMG_4744 by Li Cai, on Flickr

42810320595_4627042ec0_h.jpgIMG_4745 by Li Cai, on Flickr

42997958954_083b69cfd2_h.jpgIMG_4747 by Li Cai, on Flickr

42810318595_b06fe8afa7_h.jpgIMG_4748 by Li Cai, on Flickr

42997958114_da5935337e_h.jpgIMG_4749 by Li Cai, on Flickr

42810317585_48d486031f_h.jpgIMG_4751 by Li Cai, on Flickr


instead buying cable extension, i just decide to sleeve my own power supply. well, took a long time, i am glad i did it once, but i wont do that again. 

43666954402_77b262e3b3_h.jpgIMG_4734 by Li Cai, on Flickr


things still need to do

the back fan still on its way here.

i was plan on using the newest ml240r as my cpu cooler, but after i read all the review i think i will wait to see if they work out the bug before i jump into that. 

gps still need a new carbon fiber skin and custom back plate with argb.

custom plate with argb to cover the slots right of the MB. 

hopefully the new argb controller will be available and bug free soon.

install 2 rails of argb led on the top panel, hope the led strips will work with the argb controller from cooler master.

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Li G Cai    0

couple more bumps on the road. 

finally got the 140 argb fan from hongkong. now of course i cant find any ml240r anywhere(for msrp). now i will have to keep rocking the amd for a bit longer.

of course, motherboard bricked, just got a new mobo today. 

i also decide to upgrade the power supply to modular instead of non-modular, so if i do decide to go sli, i am ready. also, change the color from yellow black to orange black so it matches up with the motherboard. still waiting for the sleeves to show up. 

here's a short video before the bricked and change out of power supply



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