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I bought the MasterLiquid ML240R RGB 2 weeks ago I have a new pc with an 8700k  CPU this PC is mainly editing and rendering videos. I tried overclocking the CPU to 5 GHz and it worked I even got more 5.2 GHz but the temps were 90  when rendering so I got back to  5 GHz and the temps were between 65 to 75. Acceptable temps,I got what I want and moved on a few days later I noticed  a 30% jump at idle temp from 35 to 50 so I checked and  thanks god I checked I don't know why  but I went straight to the pump and  I noticed green water on 3 of the screws of the copper plate and some  between the copper plate and the plastic .I contacted support they were really fast I got a response same day to send it back from where I bought it and I did now i am waiting for a replacement to arrive in a few days. I am telling my story here so you can learn and be more cautious with AIOs in general.   

CollerMaster support was very good they did what they should do. 1cooler.thumb.jpg.3fa8cc9644bd0588fda79b0010b99d56.jpg2cooler.thumb.jpg.8d28933f67f59cf4c4188d0d3a731b8a.jpgDiVfiQqWAAEWweO.thumb.jpg.b0edbb3d077bf5c635409ae41eadf4e8.jpg


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