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Picked up your new Mastercase H500.  I bought this case primarily for the 200mm fans and the airflow. I don't do water cooling.  I was immediately struck by how the radiator mount at the front blocked the fans.  They look to be 1/3 obstructed by the case. Not great.  Would have been nice for the radiator mount to be modular so those with no interest in water cooling could unblock the front fans.  Second were the fans themselves.  One had a pretty significant wobble, and they were anemic for air flow.  I had a CM megaflow here waiting to go into the top mount only to discover that you had designed the top slot for thin 25mm fans, with no room for even your own high flow fan.  There was no mention of this limitation in your marketing.  Seems fairly short sighted considering how common it is to upgrade case fans to higher flow options.  Another thing that puzzles me is why you didn't make the mounting screws for the glass panel thumb screws instead of flat tip screwdriver driven.  That makes no sense at all.  It's a nice looking case, but some details were clearly overlooked.


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