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Cooler Master RGB LED controller not working

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April Nexus    0

So.. I bought the Cooler Master RGB LED controller, and 8 of the Cooler Master Masterfan Pro 120's. The controller is plugged in to the SATA cable and the USB port on my ASROCK x470 Taichi motherboard. The fans do not start working, nor do any lights come on. I have the RGB software installed... but I don't find any settings that get anything to work. I'm positive there is power to the usb port and the sata cable works. I've checked the BIOS and don't anything that looks disabled that could be causing this. I'm also certain that the splitter cables are connected properly with all the arrows pointing at each other!  What could possibly be wrong ??  

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Mohd Noh    29


Just give you some tips , try take off all wires + fans and reinstall it back ( just put one fan ) and see how the result .

If still same result i would like suggest you by contacting customer services via ticket .


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