Bevan Jonsson

No Case like this exists yet!

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Design a mid tower  that is designed to fit a mATX motherboard in order to greatly boost cooling potential whilst keeping it in the mid-sized tier.

Lower the rear IO panel placement for mATX mobo which greatly increases top radiator clearance. (approx 60mm extra)

You lose very little when going from ATX to mATX but gain so much in terms of extra room inside the case.

Still get 4 RAM slots.
ATX mobos up to 7pcie slots, mATX gets up to 4. Who the :) uses more than 4 PCIe slots?
mATX motherboards are cheaper than ATX.


I have drawn a proportionate diagram to scale of 1:4 to demonstrate my idea.

When focusing on compatibility, I took into consideration the biggest of them all.
Radiator: The EK MLC 360 is the largest of them all, with the pump and radiator added to the length making it 415mm total. This case design has enough clearance for the 45mm Radiator in PUSH/PULL too!
GPU: triple fan, GTX1080ti's are about 300mm long. I showed this to display how much room it will have to breath.
PSU: Even with the Hard drive Cage still in the case, a 1200W PSU still fits comfortably. At 86mm high, 90mm is given, allowing extra room for a power supply shroud.


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